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Testimonial: Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland

Professional and human approach towards international guests

Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is a global organization originating from Tampere, providing tailor-made teacher training and school development programs and insights into the Finnish education system through educational tours and student camps for international guests.

IntiaMatkat Tours & Travels is a travel agency taking care of Indian tourist groups coming to Scandinavia. In Finland, Intiamatkat organizes tours mainly to Lapland and Eastern Finland.

Heramb Kulkarni works for CCE and uses the services of Intiamatkat for travel arrangements. Taxilady has served both of these companies with transport services. Heramb Kulkarni tells about their co-operation with Taxilady:

“We have been using Taxilady’s transport services for our international guests for about seven years. For us, the most important thing for a transport service provider is that the requirements of our groups are carefully taken into account.

Taxilady’s personnel are very familiar with our needs and know the context in which we are operating. This makes everything very smooth and easy. Our groups are coming from different countries and different cultures and Taxilady has a remarkably human approach towards our guests.

Taxilady’s drivers are not just drivers. They know Finnish culture very well and while driving they are happy to tell interesting stories about Finland. People coming from abroad are really interested in hearing stories from the drivers who are actually living and working here in Finland.

Sometimes we have had also difficult situations with foreign groups, when there have been for example difficulties in getting the customer to pay. Then Juhani, as a bus driver, has come forward, taken the leading role and handled the situation very professionally. We can really trust that Taxilady will do everything they can to solve any situation.

Taxiladys’ professionalism, ability to understand our requirements and human approach towards our guests are the reasons we will never go to any other transport service provider, even if we could get the transport a bit cheaper somewhere else. We are happy to pay the price for the high standard of customer service.”

Heramb Kulkarni, CCE Finland / IntiaMatkat Tours & Travels