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Rent a bus in Finland

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Renting a bus in Helsinki for transfers, corporate events, conferences, class trips and other occasions is convenient, both for private individuals and companies. It makes it easy to tailor your bus journey to your needs.

You can book a bus with everything from short transfers within the Helsinki area to long weekly trips around Finland or Europe with smooth, affordable and comfortable transport.

All kinds of bus trips – private or business

With Taxilady, it is possible to rent all bus journeys in different forms and to different destinations, not only within Helsinki but also throughout Finland and Scandinavia. Examples of bus journeys you can book through us are:

  1. Easy transfer
  2. Airport transfers
  3. Day trips
  4. Group travel
  5. Class trip
  6. Association trips
  7. Abroad

Regardless of whether you are going to a conference in Helsinki or going on a holiday, shopping trip or something else, you can easily rent a bus, completely according to your wishes.

Taxilady offers wide range of vehicles from 8-seater minivan to 56-seater executive coach. We offer you full range of transfer services from a shorter transfer to a multi-day trip. A multi-day trip may also require a guide and itinerary for a particular route and a number of stops along the way for leg stretchers and gas refills. The range can also differ for bus rental if you have any extra wishes or need some options.

Advantages of choosing a bus as a means of transport

A big advantage of choosing a bus as transport is not having to wait for the timetable for other means of transport. You get quickly between the places you want to go and can use the time more efficiently to experience more or do what you need to get done.

It is also convenient not to have to change modes of transport if the journey is a little longer. Not having to fit times between means of transport and not having to drag your luggage with you between changes, is something you don’t have to think about with a bus trip. Then it is also very convenient to go by bus.

Environmentally friendly, flexible and cost-effective

Transport by bus is a good alternative that is both environmentally friendly, flexible and cost-effective when several people need to get from one place to another together.

Regardless of whether it is a group of colleagues from a company going to a conference or a group of private individuals going on a shopping trip, a bus can take you directly to where you want to go.

Since we cooperate with several bus companies, there is a lot to choose from, to always be able to find an affordable alternative. It is also often cheaper than other modes of transport, which makes the whole thing very cost-effective.

Eco friendly way to travel

Rent a bus with a driver in Helsinki

It is easy and convenient to hire a bus with a driver in Helsinki, everything from small functions to larger corporate events. No matter what kind of trip you need with a driver, you can send a quote request to get free quote.It’s easy to send a quote request:

  1. Route
  2. Number of people – Fill in the form about how many people apply
  3. Date – Enter the desired dates for departure and return
  4. Send request

Do you need to rent a bus in Helsinki? Send a quote request and get a cost estimate for your bus journey !